Stay active during your holiday and follow your fitness motivation

Whatever your sports interests are, make sure you stay active over the holidays. At Vale da Ribeira we offer you a wide range of activities to ensure that you are entertained during your stay with us. Golf, surfing and different kind of fitness classes are just a small part of our offering.


Internationally renowned for its variety of world-class golf courses, as well as its year-round sunny climate, the Algarve has much to offer golfers.
With more than 40 courses available, it’s no surprise the region has become synonymous with golf, with thousands of tourists flocking here every year.


Vale Da Ribeira is perfectly located close to a renowned wakeboard training ground, which is suited for beginners as well as professionals. Enjoy your day here and challenge yourself by trying to complete the obstacle course.


Enjoy your kitesurf session at the beautiful beaches in Algarve with perfect wind conditions. Make it an unforgettable memory.

Surf & Paddle

Choose from the southern or western coast of the Algarve to ride some of the best waves in Europe. There are several packages and several opportunities to simply take a class or an intensive course of Surf, bodyboard and stand up paddle.


A training session with a mini-circuit of exercises and rest intervals of small, medium and high intensity. Includes functional training exercises carried out mainly with the weight of the body itself. The goal is to increase overall muscle strength, stamina and improve respiratory cardio conditioning.

Core Training

Medium to high intensity training aiming to reinforce the core (central region of the body), responsible for stabilizing the spine, through strength exercises performed with body weight and in a circuit, with small rest intervals. Increases muscle strength, endurance and improves cardio respiratory conditioning.


Focus on improving flexibility and body mobility. Regular stretching will prevent permanent strains on the tendons, often caused by repetitive daily activities and movement. Get more flexibility, body awareness and release muscle tension.


When you experience a Zumba session you will feel the energy flowing through your body. This session, inspired by Latin music and easy-to-follow choreography, stimulates the movements through rhythm, in a high energy explosion: you will feel refreshed, renewed and full of life.

Aqua Fit

Low impact and high energy session. In the water, the impact on the joints is reduced, which allows you to truly release the body. The water also creates a natural resistance, where you can easily adjust the intensity of the exercises, with fun and energised movements.

Water polo

Exciting water game that promotes team spirit and mutual support. Score more goals than the other team!

All offered activities, including relevant information, can be seen at the reception and must be pre-booked 24 hours in advance.